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    It’s the unique knowledge and experience each of our members bring to the coalition which allows us to be the leading resource for best practices in volunteer management in the cancer care environment.

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Who We Are

Volunteer Directors

We are leaders from top cancer centers across the country with more than 100 years of collective expertise in managing thousands of volunteers in the cancer care environment.

Peer Mentors

We are leaders from top cancer centers and non-profits who manage a collective force of more than 10,000 survivor/caregiver volunteers who have been matched to more than 50,000 seeking support throughout the USA and beyond.

Our common goals are to:
  • Share best practices
  • Increase communication and cooperation among institutions, hospitals and nonprofit organizations managing volunteers
  • Improve support and services to cancer patients and their caregivers
  • Pool resources
  • Develop evidence-based data to support effectiveness of trained volunteer support to improve quality of life for patients and families
  • Enhance professionalism among volunteer directors and managers

Speak with some of the brightest minds in volunteer management.

VM Cloud

Members share their content online in the cloud so you can access it on all your devices, anytime and anywhere.